Upload Sunday

Hey Friends,

Okay, after reading a few blogs and gaining some much-needed empowerment for this weeks journey, I am going to begin doing what I call “Upload Sunday”. It will just be a bunch of the things I am thinking about, recap of my past week, and what I am looking forward to in the future. Well, here it goes.

Upload Sunday…

  • Awesome experience at a Church Leader’s Assessment with Growing Healthy Churches. I learned how much Kyla and I are opposites yet we make a great team when you compare our strengths.
  • We are still looking to gain ground on our campaign to raise our first $20,000 by connecting to 1,000 people. After our assessment we may be raising that amount to $50,000. (I will share more tomorrow.)
  • Church can be too long.
  • The power of prayer is a great strength that is under utilized. Every Tuesday, a group of our team will join me in prayer over the vision of this ministry and the impact we will have on our community and the World.
  • This week I have learned two things: 1) Never put more hope in people who can’t handle your hopes for them. 2) Feelings are facts, even when they don’t reflect reality.
  • My goals for this week: 1) Contact 200 people about our campaign. 2) Redo ministry budget and plan with a 3 year forecast. 3) Prepare plans and contacts for our First Attraction Event and First Fundraising Event.
  • Continue to remind myself we are not planting my church but expanding God’s Kingdom. So many of us are church minded and not Kingdom Minded (Reread Matt. 6:33)
  • That’s all for now. Please take some time and donate $20, $30, $50, or $100 dollars to help launch Lifework Christian Church into where God would have us. (Click the donate button on the side.)

Thanks for taking time for me to upload a bit. Next week I will do this earlier, when I have a bit more energy.

Be Blessed! Goodnight!


One thought on “Upload Sunday

  1. Good work Pastor. I am feeling this venture added much inspiration to a similar campaign that I am running. Will be following and praying for the vision. Oh an soon to be supporting in a more tangible way.

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