Say What!

I have been out of pocket the past few weeks preparing for this Sunday’s preview Worship Experience! God is working things out in ways I may not fully understand.

As we prepare to worship together for the first time I feel excitement, nervousness, inspiration and eagerness all at the same time. The message God gave me for this week is one that I wish I could give to the whole Body of Christ. No matter the city you live in, it belongs to God but it’s time we discover our purpose in order to take it back.

With so much pain and hate in our world, God needs us to start a Love Revolution! That revolution begins with you and I standing firm in our faith in Christ. Will you stand with us as we stand bodly for Christ?

We need you financial support. Over the next week I need you to search your heart about how you can support this mighty move of God. Regardless if you give or not the movement will continue, but don’t you any to be connected to the blessing. Why not connect to this minstry on the ground?

Let’s do this together! God is moving, are you moving with Him?

Let’s Go!


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