Going Hard for God!

Hola Mi Familia!

I hope all is well. Over the past two weeks I have been working around the clock on banners, website, lists, and everything else needed to get Lifework rolling. Tonight I am not really going to blog, just wanted to encourage you to go for your dreams. When God places something in your heart and you know it was God, GO FOR IT! Do not hesitate or take a poll and see who is with you. Often times when you are going for what God has for you, not everyone will go with you.

God wants to see if you are really doing this for Him or for others. It’s time we go hard for God and not for the politics of people. Believe in who God created you to be and GO!

Do me two favors:

1) Pray for Lifework Christian Ministries, that God will bless, guide, and show favor to this movement for wholeness.

2) Go to our website www.lifeworkchristian.org and show your support.

Let’s Go Hard for God!



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