A Big Circle

“Whoever believes in him (Christ) will have everlasting life.” John 3:16c

A few days ago I had breakfast with Bishop Tom Benjamin of Light of the World Christian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. We were talking about ministry and what the future holds. No matter the conversation Bishop always has wisdom keys to share. One thing he told me that continues to ring in my ears was, “make sure your circle is big enough to include everyone.”

Often in the church we reserve favor for those who are the sharpest, most talented, or most promising. Were these the people Christ spent the most time empowering or did he spend most of his time with those that were in need of a savior. His circle was big enough.

It is amazing, as Christians, we call ourselves by His name but more often than not we embrace the identity if the World. In Colossians 3 the writer says our real life is in identifying with the light of Christ. When we embrace this type of identity we expand our circle to include “whoever”.

This is exactly the group we will begin to gather soon, to walk in the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:17-21). We will seek those who are not concerned with the outer appearance but rather those who are concerned with the issues of the heart. This will be a love revolution. Through mission and embracing multiculturalism we will create a welcoming atmosphere for those Jesus would accept.

What would this look like to you? Would the focus be on a building project or on building people?

This is a movement to expand the Kingdom of God! Let go of the past and let’s push toward the future.

Join the movement!


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