Setbacks and Setups

Setup For Victory
Setup For Victory

“Setbacks are opportunities for God to set you up for victory.”

This is something I’ve heard growing up in church and often it makes no sense in the context used. If a person makes a life choice without prayer and leading from God and things fall short, this is not a God setback/setup situation. This is a called a life mistake.

In life, when we step out on faith and move forward in prayer about a life choice (i.e. marriage, educational advancement, ministry opportunity, job transition, etc.), and things don’t pan out in the way we desire this is an opportunity for God to use a setback as a setup.

In July of 2011, a group of about six young adults set out to do the unthinkable. We dared to dream about planting a multicultural and missional community of faith. As we launched and moved forward in ministry God blessed us to expand quickly from the original group to a number totaling 55. Launching a ministry from scratch was very DIFFICULT! Let alone launching a multicultural community of faith bonded by Christ with the heart to serve the community and the greater world.

Through our time together, we suffered the death of a great mother in our faith family, four couples moving out of the city, our assistant pastor stepping down from the ministry, job loss, positive family changes and family crisis. With all of these blessings and challenges we continued to serve God faithfully and move the vision forward.

As our people stayed faithful over the small space we had to serve, God blessed and kept us strong. In Matthew 25:23, Luke 16:10 and 19:17 we learn that if you are faithful with little God will bless you to show your faithfulness with much more. Through our continued faithfulness over what we had, God gave us an opportunity to take the vision we have and join in partnership with Light of the World Christian Church in Indianapolis.

As we, through prayer, have made this transition I have taken on the task of Young Adults and Missions which is exactly the population and vision of Lifework Christian Ministries. Over the course of the next few months I will begin recapping and re-evaluating our church planting experience. Through these next few posts I will chronicle the things we championed as well as the lessons learned as we look forward to the next church plant.

God is doing some amazing things and I know we have been setup to serve in major way as we continue to be faithful over the mission and vision God has given us to bring together a culturally diverse community of believers to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in the world. Through our setbacks we’ve been setup for victory.

Stay Tuned!


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