Upload Sunday

This has been an amazing week and weekend. Let me upload a bit.

  • Preparing to transition from one ministry to the next is bitter-sweet. I hate to leave the youth that I have been a part of developing their Christian Character and Identity, but God has called me to begin a work of developing the Character and Identity of a diverse group of adults, youth, and children.
  • I met a pastor who has an amazing story and is doing some pretty awesome things for God at The Sanctuary Church. I believe this will be a great friendship in Christ. (Thanks for the connect John.)
  • Preparing to lead a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world, I have begun reading a book by John C. Maxwell Leadership Gold
  • After being encouraged that God can turn steel into gold, and bad situations into good; I was encouraged by our launch team Bible study. God is really doing some amazing things and showing us a lot about what it means to BE Christian. (If you want to join us on the next one, just let me know.)
  • My desire to walk in the power and purpose of God has increased with the days.
  • We have crossed over the $1,000 mark on our campaign with only a few people. This is amazing and I believe God to open the flood gates in this next month as we continue to walk and trust in Him.
  • I need to create a better sleep pattern. Just sayin.
  • My life has been forever changed by Jesus’ words in John 14:12-21.
  • Whatever God is calling you to do. Do it with all your mind, soul, strength, and life.
  • Now is our time.

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