Waiting Season


Waiting Season continues. 2015 has been a tremendous year of change and transition. We moved to sunny Florida from Indiana in February and have embraced the blessing of awesome weather all year round. But with every change there is transition time and waiting.

After moving I had been in search for the right place to connect for our family. It took us a while but after the waiting period we found Next Level Church and are loving every experience. Kyla’s job has been a major transition and after a period of waiting to see who would purchase their contracts, LPG stepped up and it has been a great opportunity. Each transition has come with a season of waiting.

As you can tell by the picture above we are in a season of waiting for our second (yes I said second) child to be born. This was is also a major waiting period. We found out we were going to have another child a couple of months after moving. Talk about transition.
Even as we are now in the last days of waiting, it feels as if the end is not in sight.

Knowing that we were having a baby girl in our hearts completed our family building prayers but now sometimes feels like torture. The promise has been given, the gift is in route but the wait continues. I wonder if this is how Mary and Joseph felt as they waited for the promised child or the Jewish followers waiting on the promised savior. Possibly how the Disciples felt waiting on the promised gift of God.

Perhaps you are in a season of waiting and it seems there is nothing but time in front of you. Stay strong and be encouraged your not alone and the wait is soon over. The promise will come to life and the blessing will be overflowing.

Read: Acts 1:4, Ps. 37:7, and Romans 12:12


It’s Been Too Long

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted here. Lots of change and so much more to say. As I am entering into a new phase of life, things are as wild as ever. Faith in what God has for me and the family keeps me focused and pressing toward a great future.

Well since my last post, my wife and I have given birth to the greatest kid in the world. He has completely changed my life. Everything I thought I knew as truth has been replaced with a positive pride in this awesome kid.

Stay tuned as I will begin posting some of my past and present sermons and encouragement for your positive future. We’ll share in some videos that have inspired me as well as some personal stories that continue to shape who I am becoming.

Let’s enjoy life together.

Let’s GO!

Setbacks and Setups

Setup For Victory
Setup For Victory

“Setbacks are opportunities for God to set you up for victory.”

This is something I’ve heard growing up in church and often it makes no sense in the context used. If a person makes a life choice without prayer and leading from God and things fall short, this is not a God setback/setup situation. This is a called a life mistake.

In life, when we step out on faith and move forward in prayer about a life choice (i.e. marriage, educational advancement, ministry opportunity, job transition, etc.), and things don’t pan out in the way we desire this is an opportunity for God to use a setback as a setup.

In July of 2011, a group of about six young adults set out to do the unthinkable. We dared to dream about planting a multicultural and missional community of faith. As we launched and moved forward in ministry God blessed us to expand quickly from the original group to a number totaling 55. Launching a ministry from scratch was very DIFFICULT! Let alone launching a multicultural community of faith bonded by Christ with the heart to serve the community and the greater world.

Through our time together, we suffered the death of a great mother in our faith family, four couples moving out of the city, our assistant pastor stepping down from the ministry, job loss, positive family changes and family crisis. With all of these blessings and challenges we continued to serve God faithfully and move the vision forward.

As our people stayed faithful over the small space we had to serve, God blessed and kept us strong. In Matthew 25:23, Luke 16:10 and 19:17 we learn that if you are faithful with little God will bless you to show your faithfulness with much more. Through our continued faithfulness over what we had, God gave us an opportunity to take the vision we have and join in partnership with Light of the World Christian Church in Indianapolis.

As we, through prayer, have made this transition I have taken on the task of Young Adults and Missions which is exactly the population and vision of Lifework Christian Ministries. Over the course of the next few months I will begin recapping and re-evaluating our church planting experience. Through these next few posts I will chronicle the things we championed as well as the lessons learned as we look forward to the next church plant.

God is doing some amazing things and I know we have been setup to serve in major way as we continue to be faithful over the mission and vision God has given us to bring together a culturally diverse community of believers to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in the world. Through our setbacks we’ve been setup for victory.

Stay Tuned!

Being Contnet vs Being Satified

Over the years I have heard many people speak of being content with your situation. This has often been in regards to times that I have felt frustrated with not moving forward on certain things that I have passion and desire for. I understand most times they mean well, but the context from which they speak does not fit what they are trying to convey.

Their thoughts of being content come from the scripture found in Phil. 4:11. From first glance you might say okay, no matter the circumstance or situation I am in, I must be satisfied. But if you really read the context of this scripture it is not about being satisfied. Paul is saying he is content in whatever circumstance he finds himself. The word content here is the greek word “autarkes”, which means being able to sustain yourself or being independent. Paul was not talking about being satisfied with his circumstances, but being able to sustain himself while going through whatever situation.

Although in most cases being satisfied and content are synonyms, we must understand that being satisfied means having all your wishes, desires, and expectations completely fulfilled. When you have a satisfied mind there is no need for anything more or greater than where you are. You are SATISFIED! But when you are content, you make do with what you have and where you are while continuing to have passion and an expectation that there is more.

In life I am not satisfied, but content. I know I am blessed and am excited about all that God has allowed me to do and see, but I know there is more. There is more I have to improve on. There are more things that I have to will achieve. There is more to life and the vision I have than where I am and what I am doing. Yet, I am content by the fact that what I am doing presently is making a difference in the lives of those I serve. Satisfied? NO! Why not?

Be cause I believe God has called me to do “greater”. The same way that God has called you to do greater. If you are satisfied with where you are now, that is awesome and I pray you will be ready to support the ministry moving forward, but I know there is more that God has in store for your life. Your present posture or situation, wether blessed bountifully or in a constant struggle, is not your future destination.

God has more in store for you. Don’t be satisfied be content in the present, preparing for the future.

Let’s Go!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas World! This celebrating things is great relaxing with good people and enjoying relaxation while reflecting on all God has done through this year and many years before. Not that I have done everything right and perfect, but God has blessed because he is blessing. He shows favor because he is favor. He shows love because he is love.

When I accepted Christ so many years ago I accepted all that comes from God. This 2013 is the year to release all that God desires to birth or bring forth in me and in you. Don’t hold back push forward.

Let’s rise together as we embrace all 2013 has for us. May this be your year of favor and blessing! It’s already in you it’s time to release!

Let’s GO!

Pastor O

Launching into the Deep

Launching into the deep things of life and ministry are difficult. Since we did what was considered a soft launch of the church in Feb of this year, God has been preparing is for the ultimate release in Feb. 2013.

We are forming a multicultural group of Jesus followers who desire to live out the gospel through service. The most amazing thing is that this group has developed organically. Many in our group have been out of church for since their youth or hadn’t belonged to a faith family since college.

It is awesome as a pastor to see people reconnect with their faith in Christ and get fired up about spreading the love through service. We are a diverse movement for wholeness, which has gone beyond a thought or idea. From scratch, God has formed this faith family and by faith we are developing disciples for Christ.

Lots in store as we look toward the future. We’ve only just begun. The best is ahead of us and the troops are ready to spread God’s love to the ends of the earth. I love these folks and am excited to see how God will use us to cause change throughout the world.

Let’s launch into the deep Lifework and make Christ famous.

Let’s Go!