Being Contnet vs Being Satified

Over the years I have heard many people speak of being content with your situation. This has often been in regards to times that I have felt frustrated with not moving forward on certain things that I have passion and desire for. I understand most times they mean well, but the context from which they speak does not fit what they are trying to convey.

Their thoughts of being content come from the scripture found in Phil. 4:11. From first glance you might say okay, no matter the circumstance or situation I am in, I must be satisfied. But if you really read the context of this scripture it is not about being satisfied. Paul is saying he is content in whatever circumstance he finds himself. The word content here is the greek word “autarkes”, which means being able to sustain yourself or being independent. Paul was not talking about being satisfied with his circumstances, but being able to sustain himself while going through whatever situation.

Although in most cases being satisfied and content are synonyms, we must understand that being satisfied means having all your wishes, desires, and expectations completely fulfilled. When you have a satisfied mind there is no need for anything more or greater than where you are. You are SATISFIED! But when you are content, you make do with what you have and where you are while continuing to have passion and an expectation that there is more.

In life I am not satisfied, but content. I know I am blessed and am excited about all that God has allowed me to do and see, but I know there is more. There is more I have to improve on. There are more things that I have to will achieve. There is more to life and the vision I have than where I am and what I am doing. Yet, I am content by the fact that what I am doing presently is making a difference in the lives of those I serve. Satisfied? NO! Why not?

Be cause I believe God has called me to do “greater”. The same way that God has called you to do greater. If you are satisfied with where you are now, that is awesome and I pray you will be ready to support the ministry moving forward, but I know there is more that God has in store for your life. Your present posture or situation, wether blessed bountifully or in a constant struggle, is not your future destination.

God has more in store for you. Don’t be satisfied be content in the present, preparing for the future.

Let’s Go!