Being Contnet vs Being Satified

Over the years I have heard many people speak of being content with your situation. This has often been in regards to times that I have felt frustrated with not moving forward on certain things that I have passion and desire for. I understand most times they mean well, but the context from which they speak does not fit what they are trying to convey.

Their thoughts of being content come from the scripture found in Phil. 4:11. From first glance you might say okay, no matter the circumstance or situation I am in, I must be satisfied. But if you really read the context of this scripture it is not about being satisfied. Paul is saying he is content in whatever circumstance he finds himself. The word content here is the greek word “autarkes”, which means being able to sustain yourself or being independent. Paul was not talking about being satisfied with his circumstances, but being able to sustain himself while going through whatever situation.

Although in most cases being satisfied and content are synonyms, we must understand that being satisfied means having all your wishes, desires, and expectations completely fulfilled. When you have a satisfied mind there is no need for anything more or greater than where you are. You are SATISFIED! But when you are content, you make do with what you have and where you are while continuing to have passion and an expectation that there is more.

In life I am not satisfied, but content. I know I am blessed and am excited about all that God has allowed me to do and see, but I know there is more. There is more I have to improve on. There are more things that I have to will achieve. There is more to life and the vision I have than where I am and what I am doing. Yet, I am content by the fact that what I am doing presently is making a difference in the lives of those I serve. Satisfied? NO! Why not?

Be cause I believe God has called me to do “greater”. The same way that God has called you to do greater. If you are satisfied with where you are now, that is awesome and I pray you will be ready to support the ministry moving forward, but I know there is more that God has in store for your life. Your present posture or situation, wether blessed bountifully or in a constant struggle, is not your future destination.

God has more in store for you. Don’t be satisfied be content in the present, preparing for the future.

Let’s Go!


Upload Sunday (On Monday)

Here we Go!

  • This week I began transitioning and it was a crazy week. There are not enough days in a week or hours in a day!
  • When doing too much it is easy to neglect the ones you love most. (I hope to never do that again.)
  • There is something very empowering and encouraging when we are able to do something for others.
  • This weekend some of the team from Lifework joined in partnership with Dayspring Center to help create and maintain a library for the center. From when we first arrived at 4pm on Saturday until leaving at 9pm, we laughed, sweated, hammered nails, carried boxes, and praised God. It was truly amazing.
  • 2 Cor. 8:5 (Message) “This was totally spontaneous, entirely their own idea, and caught us completely off guard. What explains it was that they had first given themselves unreservedly to God and to us. The other giving simply flowed out of the purposes of God working in their lives.”
  • The above scripture inspires me when it comes to giving. I am hoping and believing that people will first give themselves “unreservedly” to God and to the mission of the ministry, and then out of the purposes of God working through us they will be inspired to give.
  • I am learning more and more I am an idealist. (I hope and believe the best in people. Especially God’s people.)
  • This week I preached my last sermon in ALTARed the youth worship service at Geist Christian Church and it was bittersweet. GCC Youth are AWESOME young people and will change the world.
  • The core leadership of Lifework Christian Ministries are an amazing group. I am proud to lead such a group.
  • Stress comes with doing too much and transition. Ready for the next level.
  • Random thoughts done. Be blessed world and please connect with us financially RIGHT NOW


“Balanced life…little bit of God”

“Nowhere in scripture do I see ‘balanced life with a little bit of God added in’ as an ideal for us to emulate. Yet when I look at our churches this is exactly what I see: a lot of people who have added Jesus to their lives. People who have in a sense asked Him to join them on their life journey and follow them wherever they feel they should go, rather than following Him as we are commanded. The God of the universe is not something we can just add to our lives and keep on as we did before. The Spirit who raised Christ from the dead is not someone we can just call on when we want a little extra power in our lives. Jesus Christ did not die in order to follow us, He died and rose again so that we could forget everything else and follow Him to the cross, to true Life.” – Francis Chan, Forgotten God

What are your thoughts?

True Leadership






John C. Maxwell is one of the gurus of leadership. As I prepare to lead a community of God’s people I am making it a point to study leadership. I always have sought wisdom from various places, but over the next 12 months I am dedicating my study time to God’s Word and Leadership.

Today I began reading one of John C. Maxell’s books, “Leadership Gold”. So far it has been a real eye opener and I want to share a list of nuggets he shares early in the book.

  • Leadership is the willingness to put oneself at risk.
  • Leadership is the passion to make a difference with others.
  • Leadership is being dissatisfied with the current reality.
  • Leadership is taking responsibility while others are making excuses.
  • Leadership is seeing the possibilities in a situation while others are seeing the limitations. (This is where I am right NOW!)
  • Leadership is the readiness to stand out in a crowd.
  • Leadership is an open mind and an open heart.
  • Leadership is the ability to submerge your ego for the sake of what is best.
  • Leadership is evoking in others the capacity to dream.
  • Leadership is inspiring others with a vision of what they can contribute.
  • Leadership is the power of one harnessing the power of many.
  • Leadership is your heart speaking to the hearts of others.
  • Leadership is the integration of heart, head, and soul.
  • Leadership is the capacity to care, and in caring, to liberate the ideas, energy, and capacities of others.
  • Leadership is the dream made reality.
  • Leadership is, above all, courageous.

Thanks John C. Maxwell for these words of wisdom.

Be blessed friends!!!

Launch Pad

According to the Kennedy Space Center there are 13,100 employees that work to prepare for a shuttle to launch. Everything from scientists, government workers, janitors, and pilots.

It takes all of them working together to allow for what has been deemed by many one of the greatest spectacles the eye has seen. The Launching of a Space craft.

Although we are not launching a space craft it will take 1,000’s of people coming together in prayer and support to launch this amazing ministry of God to take off.

Lifework Christian Church has already begun connecting with places such as Broad Ripple High School and the Dayspring Center as two of outr initial ministry projects/partners. With your help we will be able to purchase equipment, purchase our website, develop our leaders, design our promotional material, and everything else needed to inspire people for GREATER in Christ.

I need your help. Over the next 60 days we are launching our “Lifework Launch Pad Campaign: $20 and a Prayer”. You can donate through this blog by clicking on DONATE or click here and donate on our ChipIn website or you can connect with me on Facebook or Twitter to make a contribution.

But we need your help. I will begin sending out personal emails and inbox messages to my friends on Facebook and twitter.

This is a BIG deal. At least 1,000 people connecting in prayer for a mighty move of God is amazing and I know God will be pleased with the birth of this movement for wholeness. Only in UNITY are great things born.

Get Inspired. Get Connected. Get Involved.

3-2-1 Blast Off!!!

Christian as Supernatural

“Love has been perfected among us in this: that we may have boldness in the day of judgment; because as He is, so are we in this world.”

I have always heard about the power we posses as Christians, but often times I have witnessed and have been a part of a Christian movement of fear and doubt. This progression of Christians not believing in the power of God operating in and through God’s people seems to be an epidemic among us.

This morning I awoke with this scripture in my text messages and the question raised in me, “What would happen if we really believed in the supernatural power of God in us?” Paul says, “as Christ is, so are we in this World.”

As loving, gracious, powerful, almighty, bold, redemptive, reviving, embracing, and all the things that are Christ, we are. Jesus in John 14:12 says that those of us who believe in Christ will not only do what he has done, but GREATER. Those of us who have Christ within us are called to be SUPERNATURAL!

Supernatural by definition here is “anything that is above and beyond nature; abnormal.” I’m talking healing, feeding millions, mending hearts, deliverance, all the things that many church goers no longer believe can happen. Our identity as “Christian” is synonymous with “Supernatural”. It becomes our norm.

Wow! What would life be like if we had faith like that? I saw a commercial that said 1 in 4 children in America go hungry everyday. As “Christian” how can we become “supernatural” for these children? This Fall we will begin gathering believers to begin a movement of the supernatural in our community and world.

I need you in order to make this happen. Beginning this August we will launch a campaign to raise more than $20,000 for new ministry. Tomorrow Kyla and I end our vacation in Michigan and the gloves will come off. We will need to connect with 1,000 people who can connect with us in prayer and a donation of at least $20.

No one is limited to $20, but this should not take away from your regular giving. I will blog daily and keep you posted to where we are with our goal.

This weekend, please pray with us and see how God can use you to seed into this movement of Jesus Christ. More info will come.

Be blessed and walk in your supernatural power!!!

Pastor O.

Faith vs Fear

“Believe me: I am in my Father and my Father is in me. If you can’t believe that, believe what you see—these works. The person who trusts me will not only do what I’m doing but even greater things, because I, on my way to the Father, am giving you the same work to do that I’ve been doing. You can count on it. From now on, whatever you request along the lines of who I am and what I am doing, I’ll do it. That’s how the Father will be seen for who he is in the Son. I mean it. Whatever you request in this way, I’ll do.” – John 14:11-14 (Message)

Last night across the Midwest of the United States of America millions of people were hiding in basements, bathrooms, shelters, and any safe place found to protect them from the storms that caused so much damage and destruction for many. As I listened (only for a moment) to the news and watched on facebook how fear was the overarching theme, I couldn’t help but make the connection to how we view life.

Many of us live our lives in safety, for fear of doing something different, something strange, something out of the ordinary. Being safe in the in the confines of our “box life” becomes our life’s goal. Comfort. Safety. Maintaining. What would happen if we began to live for greater? What if we really believed Jesus’ words that we will not only do what Jesus did but “Greater“? 

Why should we be stuck in fear when God has promised us greater? Why would we fear the storms of life, when Jesus has shown us how to say, “Peace be still” (Mark 4:39)? It is very interesting to me how we as believers attend churches weekly and yet don’t believe the God we worship. We may believe Jesus for salvation, but what about believing Christ for the power to do “even greater works“?

I am ready to leave comfort behind and strive for greater. It is time to stop allowing fear to debilitate us, it’s time for greater. Greater faith, greater service, greater love, greater outreach, greater witnessing, and greater disciple making. Jesus commissioned us to do greater in His name, according to who He is, in His character. It’s time to answer the call. Let’s do this together.