Upload Sunday

Hey fam! This path to planting Lifework Christian Church is work. I have heard this from pastor after pastor about launching a ministry from the ground up. At this point we are supported by larger bodies of within the Kingdom, but not financially. Everything we are doing is by faith and totally from Ground ZERO! We need your help.

Here we go…

  • Major leadership lesson: If you need to get something done, be willing and able to do it yourself.
  • People are only available to help as they are available to help.
  • Leading from a list is not my strength, but is becoming one.
  • There are only 7 days in a week and one of those days needs to be dedicated to your relationship with God and one to your relationship to your spouse, so only 5 days in a week. (ALWAYS take care of family and your relationship with God.)
  • If you are looking for a ministry web provider checkout Faith Connector. They are awesome at laying a great foundation for your website and they offer awesome deals for new churches and small ministries. (Let them know Lifework Christian Ministries sent you.)
  • 3 Days before we launch our website (www.lifeworkchristian.org), 14 Days before our first preview service, 116 Days before our LAUNCH FEBRUARY 12, 2012 at 10:00am at the Indianapolis Arts Center (820 East 67th St. Indianapolis, IN 46220).
  • Today we visited Heartland Church here in Indianapolis, IN on the North side. Amazing worship, friendly people, and we will visit again. If we were not planting a ministry in Broad Ripple and were looking for a church, I would strongly consider Heartland.
  • I miss the youth at Geist Christian Church and I hope the best for them. I grew in ministry because of them and I look forward to seeing them in the future.
  • God is amazing and the closer we get to fulfilling the vision for this ministry the more excited I am to see what God will do through us.
  • The number one frustrating thing about planting this ministry is raising the finances.
  • Key: Focus more on actions of faith more than the lack of finances. KEEP PRESSING!

We are moving forward and going hard for God! Partner with us in moral and financial support.

Let’s GO!


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