Being REAL!

This week feels a bit weird. As I closed ministry at Geist this past weekend, I am beginning to look ahead as to what I will do this weekend. Over the past 18 months I have been in the mode of preparing a sermon, sermon slides and worship resources, while preparing to lead worship at New Revelation (another church I have assisted with since returning from Jamaica). It is all exciting but weird.

This is a time of trusting God and planning for an amazing future in His service. As Kyla and I continue to transition our finances, hearts, minds and entire lives for God’s work, we have to continually remind ourselves a true walk with Christ is a walk of faith.

This coming Friday at 7pm some of the Lifework Christian Ministries team will gather once again to connect with the Dayspring Center for Homeless Families to finish our remodeling of their library and learning space. This has been a very inspiring opportunity to touch the hearts and lives of people who we may never meet and some who we will and have shared a meal with. The more I grow with this amazing group of Jesus followers, I am more inspired to be radical for Christ.

Over the next week or so we will launch our website to inspire the world. We are working with an awesome company called Faith Connector, a Christian company that helps churches build and maintain beautiful and inviting websites. This movement will be one for the world to see and participate in.

I believe through Lifework Christian Ministries THOUSANDS will come to a relationship with Jesus Christ and will be inspired to live out that relationship everyday and in every way.

BEING REAL! I have no idea how God is going to make everything work, but my faith is IN Christ and I know we are working towards His purposes. (Rom. 8:28) Everything we do in and for God’s love will always produce God results. This is God’s promise for us. (John 14:12-14)

I’m fired and up and ready to go hard for Christ! Get Connected! Get Inspired! Get Involved!


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