Passion meets People

One of the most amazing lesson I have learned this past week is that we must guard our passion from people. Let me explain. I found out this week that one of the pastors that inspired me to step out on faith has stepped down from the ministry he and his wife planted 3 years ago. This news floored me, but it also taught me a great lesson. Not everyone is meant to grab the vision and go.

In ministry there are a few different types of people:

1) Disciples (Reproducers)

  • These people hear the vision, feel the passion, and move towards the purpose that God has placed on the leader.
  • These people encourage others and follows where the leader goes.
  • These people support the ministry and vision financially, spiritually, personally and emotionally.
  • These people see and promote the importance of exponential growth and development.

2) The Crowd (Receivers)

  • These people are spiritually fed, healed, and inspired by the leader.
  • These people are very encouraging and enthusiastic about the vision and the leader, but may never follow.
  • These people encourage and embrace the vision, but never take hold of the purpose of the inspiration.
  • These people enjoy a cool, dynamic, spiritually and emotionally uplifting worship experience.

3) Haters (Pharisees, Sadducees, and Nay Sayers)

  • These people are never for you and will always seek to tear you down and discount the vision.
  • These people sometimes can infiltrate your team and cause destruction from the inside.
  • These people could care less about God’s movement and yet delight in gossip and disruption.

All of these people are needed to make the world go round, but it is important to accept people to play their proper role. We can not expect the crowd to play the role of the disciple. If they go sometimes, cool, if not cool. Also, we can’t spend our time trying to when the approval of the haters. Let them kick rocks. These lessons are taught through the example of Jesus’ ministry and we must be open to live out our ministry in this same way.

Allowing people to be themselves relieves us as leaders from unneeded stress and unfulfilled hopes. As we continue to grow ministry we will welcome all who desire to be in relationship with God through Jesus Christ, but recognize not everyone will express it through the vision set for the ministry. We would hope every person would catch fire, but we must guard our passion from people.

Be Blessed,

Pastor O


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