Launch Pad

According to the Kennedy Space Center there are 13,100 employees that work to prepare for a shuttle to launch. Everything from scientists, government workers, janitors, and pilots.

It takes all of them working together to allow for what has been deemed by many one of the greatest spectacles the eye has seen. The Launching of a Space craft.

Although we are not launching a space craft it will take 1,000’s of people coming together in prayer and support to launch this amazing ministry of God to take off.

Lifework Christian Church has already begun connecting with places such as Broad Ripple High School and the Dayspring Center as two of outr initial ministry projects/partners. With your help we will be able to purchase equipment, purchase our website, develop our leaders, design our promotional material, and everything else needed to inspire people for GREATER in Christ.

I need your help. Over the next 60 days we are launching our “Lifework Launch Pad Campaign: $20 and a Prayer”. You can donate through this blog by clicking on DONATE or click here and donate on our ChipIn website or you can connect with me on Facebook or Twitter to make a contribution.

But we need your help. I will begin sending out personal emails and inbox messages to my friends on Facebook and twitter.

This is a BIG deal. At least 1,000 people connecting in prayer for a mighty move of God is amazing and I know God will be pleased with the birth of this movement for wholeness. Only in UNITY are great things born.

Get Inspired. Get Connected. Get Involved.

3-2-1 Blast Off!!!


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