A New Theme

Hey World!

Each phase of life means change, transition, and the end of one thing in order for something new to come forward. It’s more like a Phoenix the old thing must die in order for the new creature to rise and take flight. Over the past 5 years, I have been speaking about and praying about a dream, a ministry that aims at bringing a progressive group of people together to become the hands and feet of Christ.

No more doing church as usual. I believe it’s time to open our minds to embrace the ways of Christ, not only the forms of worship we’ve created. This will be the new theme in my life. It’s late and I don’t have time tonight to share all that God is doing, but I am going to pick up the spiritual discipline of blogging daily about the amazing journey we are on. Some may not understand, and others may support 100%, but ultimately I am opening myself to a mighty move of God in the city of Indianapolis, IN and throughout the world.

Get ready to be fed, challenged, encouraged, stretched, empowered, and ready to go make a difference. Let’s walk this thing together!

Stay connected!


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