Next Level

So it has been a looooooooongg while since I have written anything and now I feel is the time. I must confess that not choosing to proceed to plant was a major blow and has been a difficult decision to live through, but life goes on. God has placed the vision in me and has given me the skill sets to accomplish this dream, but I understand that “there is a time and a season for everything under the sun.” Believe me, the vision and dream are still in tact and everyday I am thinking and praying about how to take ministry and life to the next level.

Striving to live at the next level I have learned what the most important things in life are and why God set the world in a certain order. We must recognize that three relationships must be in order prior to moving to the next level. The first of these relationships would be our relationship with ourselves, God, and others/our world. I know, I know, I know you were expecting me to say our relationship with God is number one, but what I have noticed in watching others and understanding myself is that if we don’t care about ourselves God definitely gets the back seat in our life focus, and our families and the rest of the world get’s the leftovers.

Love you! When you love yourself you are free to love the God who designed you and created you. This freedom allows you to love others and the world that the God that created you, created. Don’t get me wrong this is a process and often times when you think you have gotten it all together, you realize you have lost it.

Love you! People will see what you desire for them to see about you, but you will know what you really think about yourself. Sometimes when those around me see the confidence spewing from my pours, internally I can feel a bit unprepared, unworthy, and inept. I know I am not the only person who has this internal struggle, but the more I am learning to love me and love God and love others I am gaining more strength. 

This is what it takes to make it at the next level. A cohesive circle of love. Learn to love the you, you are and watch your life begin to flow. I am beginning to walk in a new love of self, God , and others and I pray it will continue to grow. I may not be perfect, but I am striving to be better everyday. 

Much has been going on since June and God has blessed us with so many great experiences and I will try and share as much as I can. But until then, I pray God will strengthen your love for yourself so that your love for God and others will grow.

Grace and Blessings,

Pastor O. Banks


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