Preparation for Positioning

Today is one of the grimmest days for Holy Week, yet we call it Good Friday. It is amazing when I think about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, for the world in general, and for me in particular. He loved me inspite of me and continues to bless me through it all.

As I prepare to preach my Good Friday sermon at 1:30pm her at Geist Christian Church, I can’t help but think about how this weekend is preparing my future for New Church ministry.

For the first time in my known history, I really am grasping the awesomeness of God’s grace and mercy. No matter who we think we are or how good we think we have been, we are all sinners. God’s love continues to renew daily even when we don’t always renew ourselves.

As we press forward with the call to plant a new church, in Jackson, Mississippi, we must keep in mind that the cross was meant for everyone. When we evangelize the unchurched or the dechurched, we must continue to recognize God died for us all.

Whether anyone believes it or not Jesus the Christ died for the sins of the world. Every single person throughout the world is so precious in the site of God, that he sent Jesus Christ to pay a debt that he did not owe. It is through our faith (acceptance of) in this sacrifice, that we find wholeness in a fragmented world.

It is with this refreshed and expanded understanding of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, I am preparing for my rightful position as the beacon God will use to spread this Light of Grace throughout the World.

Will join the movement for wholeness that is only found in a true relationship with a true and loving God, who made this relationship possible by faith in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ?

Let’s Get It!!!


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