6 P’s to the Next Level

While attending Indiana University – Bloomington, I learned many things. Some were not positive and I won’t share within this blog. (lol) Others were very helpful in shaping my positive mindset and growth as a young man.  One of the major things came from my fraternal life. We had many sayings and chants about life, leadership, and  development. The 6 P’s was one of the most influential in my personal life. It went something like this:

“Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!”

Another version has a 7th P, but those that know it can use it.

The major thing about this is that often times life throws us curve balls and things sometimes don’t work out in the order or the way we desire. But no matter what life throws our way we must always prepared. For example, most financial advisers encourage their clients to have a savings of at least 3-6 months living expenses. This is not so that you have more money to spend at Walmart, rather so that you are prepared for anything. (I wonder how many of us take this advice?)

Going to the next level in life calls us to be prepared spiritually, emotionally, financially, and relationally for life’s happenstance. At the training Kyla and I were encouraged to map out what the next 12 months look like as we plan to launch the ministry in Mississippi. Although this “prior proper planning” is very tedious, it will help us not to lose focus on the GOAL!

One of the major goals we have is preparing financially for our family to move to Jackson and financial support for the ministry. Although no one likes to talk about money, we all can’t help but talk about it. I am one who understands nothing happens in the natural realm with out it first taking place in the spiritual realm. So I need some praying people to begin to petition for God to open up the windows of heaven and pour out a major financial blessing on us personally and ministerially.

I will do my end of the work because I also understand that faith without works is dead.

Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth. – Prov. 10:4

The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty. – Prov. 21:5

In all we do in the next 5 months will set the tone for the next year. The key word for me over this next week is diligence. Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance! We are in the “PRIOR” stage of our church plant and it is important to be diligent in our prayer, giving, study, service, and all other spiritual disciplines if we are to see success on the other end.

What is it that you are in the “Prior” stage about? What goals did you set in January that must take root and blossom in the coming year? I pray for you, you pray for me, and we will all gain the victory.

Let’s Get It!!!


One thought on “6 P’s to the Next Level

  1. I will pray for you. We spoke briefly Sunday and you know what my prior stage is. There are many emotions and thoughts coming from this stage. I think Mississippi has an outstanding ministry on its way to them.

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