What are you willing to add?

Since the 2nd Century Christians have participated in what was called the Pre-Easter fast. Although we have adopted the 40 weekday fast, in its conception the days varied (mostly 3 days).

No matter the variation of the number of days, the purpose has stayed the same. Christians around the world used this Pre-Easter or Lenten Season as a time to abstain form food, to give to charity, spiritual preparation, and as a time of prayer. Not that these events are not taking place at other times, rather they become emphasized during this season.

Not to take away from the aspect of fasting, giving, and praying, I would like to pose a thought on the aspect of preparation.

What have you added to your life during this season to prepare for Easter?

Often we give things up for lent but we forget to add other spiritual disciplines to empower us as we move forward. One of the most powerful additions we can make in our lives is digging deeper into the Word of God. When we increase our scripture intake everything else we do makes more sense and enriches the journey.

Coming back to Indianapolis, and beginning the process of transitioning towards Jackson, I am in need of adding more to my spiritual life. In every transition we must all prepare ourselves for the next level.

What are you adding to your life to get to the next level?

Let’s Get It!


One thought on “What are you willing to add?

  1. Great challenge my love. With God’s guidance and blessings, you will have all the preparation you need for the next level and do wonderful things in Jackson! You are amazing! I love you!

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