It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye…

“How do I say goodbye, to what we had. The good times that made us laugh, outweigh the bad…And I’ll take with me the memories, to be my Sunshine after the rain. It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.”

This has been an awesome time serving with Covenant Moravian Church in Kingston, Jamaica. The memories I will take with me and love that Kyla and I have felt will always be in our hearts. It is always difficult to end a good thing, but sometimes life takes you to the fork in the road and decisions have to be made.

As Kyla and I pursue planting a New Ministry in Jackson, MS, I have been faced with some very critical decisions pertaining to my finances. Anyone who understands church planting and life in general can comprehend that it takes money to support the vision. Anyone with a family understands it takes money to support a family.

So here we are preparing for this transitional period and I am in the position of husband. It is my duty to make sure my family has what it needs to survive and thrive. In order to do this I will be returning to Indianapolis for a few months and working as an Interim Youth Minister at Geist Christian Church.

This is another very warm and welcoming congregation, very similar in spirit to Covenant Moravian here in Jamaica. Although I didn’t look forward to saying goodbye to Covenant, the weather here in Jamaica, or being with my baby, I do look forward to preparing for a life with my special valentine, the love of my life, my wife.

We have both been a major source of support, strength, and encouragement for one another while she finishes school and I have been in discernment and preparation for ministry. Without her in my corner, I never would have matured the way I have and continue to thrive to be the man God has called me to be. As they say, “Behind every strong man, there is an even stronger woman.” This is true love.

I want to thank Covenant Moravian, the Clarkes, the Halls, the Sykes, and all the other families, friends, and youth for all the love, care, and support during this time. This is not really goodbye but rather “see you later”. It is not a change in relationship, but a change in local (pertaining to or characterized by place or position in space; spatial).

I am believing God for awesome things this year and I know ALL will work for our good, because we love God and are called according to His purpose for our lives. (Romans 8:28)

Keep us in your prayers as we follow Christ. Let’s Get It!!!


3 thoughts on “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye…

  1. We are excited that you are coming back to Geist Christian even if only for a short time. I know Casey is looking forward to having you back around. I enjoy your blogs. Sometimes, oddly, you speak as if you have seen my path. I definitely have faced a few forks in the road even as I write this.

    Keep blogging, keep believing that God has a plan for you. I know he does.

    God’s speed.


  2. Touching message Oscar… thanks for the indirect shout out. i see that you know song from my favourite boys group though. just know that the ‘hate relationship’ is all love! as long as we understand each other. i know my dad is going to miss you… no doubt… you are like a son to him, i know that without him saying it.
    i am glad you have Kyla by your side because she is a wonderful person inside and out. i wish you all the best. it is my regret you never got to complete the year but God knows what He is doing. i know wherever you go you will do well. just keep your eyes on the Lord and never you doubt Him. see you in April! Sophie.

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