The Vision…Pt. 2

Empower people to become, think, and live as the Body of Christ in the community, country, and throughout the world.”

Empower people to become members of the Body of Christ. This primarily aims at the unchurched, underchurched, and de-churched. People who are not connected to the Body of Christ either due to their mistrust of the church, not being fulfilled spiritually and socially, and those who have been hurt or turned away by the church.

Many believers and non-believers fall into these categories and our aim will be to present the gospel in such a way that is clearly open and welcoming to those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the way church is done.This is why community presence and service is important. Many people are tired of the church talking about the ills in the community and now is the time for the church to actually get busy healing the ills in the community. We will encourage all to join us to do the work of the Body of Christ and thus help them find their place within the Body.

Empower people to think as if they are a part of the whole Body of Christ, as articulated throughout 1Cor. 12. When we understand we are part of something greater than self, our church, and our community we begin to act as such.

As our team grows together in service and as we invite others in the community to get involved, we will begin to develop a mindset that understands that we need each other to survive. This hope is in building a strong sense of interdependence between people to people and people to God. Paul teaches us that all people, gifts, talents, and skills are needed for the Body to operate effectively. Now it is time for the people of God to think in the same manner.

Empower people to live as members of the Body of Christ, empowering them to operate in their area of gifting and power.

As we serve together and grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally in community, we hope all will begin to live out this mentality of service in their daily lives. The over all message of Christianity is love, grace, and faith. All three of these are meant to be lived out and not just talked about. Karl Barth says it this way,

“Grace must find expression in life, otherwise it’s not grace.” -Karl Barth

It will take a diversity of gifts, people, cultural understandings, perspectives, skills, and talents in order for this vision to take shape and begin to blossom. This is why “Radical Reconciliation” must be our message, while our actions and events are lead by this idea.

Diversity, Diversity, Diversity=UNITY


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