Just a Thought….

Yesterday I spent time in prayer and fasting for the next step towards our ministry opportunity. It is always difficult to make the right choice in times of transition and often we are pushed towards the right decision. What I have learned through growing up is that not every good decision is an easy one, and not every easy decision is a good one.

I won’t burden you with all the details of the issue, but I solicit your prayers.

Over the next few months Kyla and I will be on a journey towards new ministry and a new life. Since August I have served with a wonderful congregation here in Jamaica and I know I have grown and learned some leadership skills that will help me in the future.  As we transition, I have begun to think about the relationships that have been forged and the hope of a continued connection. Although life here in Jamaica has not been the easiest, it has been a blessing. I know this will not be my last time of ministry with the people of the CARICOM and I look forward to see what God will allow us to do through Light of Grace GLOBAL Ministries.

Tomorrow and Friday I will begin to give detail laying out the vision for the church and the new ministry in Jackson, MS. Tonight I will pray, read, and sleep.

May God’s favor be with you and keep you through the night.

P.S. I hope the American people were listening to Pres. Obama’s speech. Times are hard and we need our government to work together to get us through these tough times. Both Republicans and Democrats need to wake up and see that the people who elected them in office are the same people losing jobs, needing healthcare, and hoping for a better future for their children.

Alright off of my soapbox.

Grace and Peace


One thought on “Just a Thought….

  1. Yes, we really need some changes in the way those senators and congressmen/women think in Washington. God’s speed to you in your new journey. I know from experience that making the right decision is tough and sometimes hard to understand that the path in front of you is the path you are to travel…no matter how scary and uncertain it can look. But I try to have faith that I won’t travel it alone. One day I’ll look back and ask myself why did I take so much time standing at the fork asking God “are you sure this is the path for me?”

    Perhaps once you are settle Zach, Casey and I can come for a visit. I’m sure they would like that.

    Peace and blessings.

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