Get Out The Way!

I hate dislike a lot how many of our right-wing political friends who desire to defeat anything Pres. Obama does or says. Our economy was headed towards a worse pit than we are in presently, health care finally got a shot at being reformed, more children than ever have health care, people around the world view America more positively than over a decade, and so many other positives that you have read about.

Haters need to get out the way and let our leader do what he we voted him in to do. But then again they were voted in to be haters and to keep him from accomplishing his job.

This year the Obama generation must rise again to put our issues back in the forefront.

Well in better news, the Colt’s opened a can of (beat down) on the NY Jets and told them what I am telling ALL Obama haters, “Get Out The Way!”

Now let’s see what the Saints and the “WHO DAT Nation” will do against the Vikings.


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