What the world needs now…

As I continue to learn more about the needs of the Jackson community, I am beginning to see there is a common need found throughout ALL our communities. This global need is one that many have failed to provide, striven to destroy, lack the understanding of, and wish they had a glimpse of. What the world needs now is Mentors.

I am blessed to have been surrounded with many mentors, from whom I gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Without proper mentoring no one can reach their full potential. Every great leader has had someone who they have modeled their life from or a person who empowered them in some way. For me it took many men and women to speak life into my life.

I often speak of those mentors and the major influence they have had over my life. The powerful statement I remember most is, “No man is an Island.” We all need someone to empower us to follow the purpose God has placed in our lives.

As I sit here and reflect over the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and all those who fought to get us to the point we find ourselves presently, I can’t help but understand the impact we will have on the next generation. This is done when we take them under our wing and impart the same wisdom that was given to us. But what happens more often than not, we lack the understanding that the present generation of young minds will never take the baton if it is never passed to them.

Mentoring, in all its forms allows this baton of achievement, economic empowerment, spiritual enlightenment, and societal growth to be passed to the next generation of leaders properly.

Where we fall short is believing that young people, such as the ones pictured above, will learn it on their own. Without mentoring we leave their growth and knowledge in the hands of the school, their peers, and the television, which continues to fall short of true wisdom and leaves our children to die physically, spiritually, economically, socially, and emotionally.

Proverbs 13 is a list of powerful sayings that you should take some time to read. I could have really used the entire set of proverbs but I will only use Proverbs 13:14,22.

14 The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life,
turning a man from the snares of death.

22 A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children,
but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous.

We all have wisdom in some area of life. This wisdom has the power to create life in the mind of a young person that needs only a word to push them in the proper direction. I was that young man that received the fountain of life from many mentors. They may not understand this but because they have imparted in me wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, they have set up an inheritance for their children’s children. Wisdom breeds empowerment.

How are you contributing to the future? Are you sitting back waiting on the next person to mentor this generation? Step up. Speak life into the life of someone else. Be the Dr. King for this next generation. It’s not in speaking, it’s in BEING. It’s not in doing, it’s in BEING.

BE the change you want to see in the world. BE a Mentor.


4 thoughts on “What the world needs now…

  1. I was fortunate to have good teachers as mentors, but this has really inspired me to step up in the mentoring department. Even if we think we dont have much to offer, we wont know the difference we can make unless we try because we dont know what young people have and are experiencing in their personal lives.

    1. Babe, you have so much inside of you that I have had the pleasure of seeing first hand. You have much to pay forward and impart in others. Keep being who God created you to be and watch God work.

  2. Yes, I never would have survived high school without my mentor and second dad, Mike. Totally awesome guy. Very encouraging. As well as professors at college whose advice through the years have been well used and appreciated.

    1. Yeah, Melodie it is important for us to acknowledge and honor all those God has placed in our lives to encourage us to grow and become all we have become. Now we must pay it forward.

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