Stop Listening to What THEY Say

City of Grace

(John 1:46) “Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” Nathanael asked. “Come and see,” said Philip.

It’s amazing how everyone has an opinion about everything. But what is more amazing is how God has a plan that supersedes the opinions of others.

This week I am spending time in Jackson, MS, a place I was told is the slums, and no one wants to go there. But when I arrived in the city last night, I saw a growing city, a city of great opportunity and promise.

Today, my host took me on a tour of the city and I was able to see the progress being made throughout the City and around the suburbs of the City. After seeing this and being able to cast vision with a few guys here my eyes have been opened and my spirit has been connected.

Just as many in the time of Jesus didn’t believe any good could come from Nazareth, Jackson has been given the same rep. But I must say what Phillip said, “Come and see”. I believe it is best to listen to the voice of God on a thing than the voices of others.

It was good for me to see the entire city and get a feel of how the vision would be received. I believe Jackson is ready for a ministry such as ours, and we are ready for a city like Jackson. Get ready to make your trips to see what God can will do. Let’s get it!


2 thoughts on “Stop Listening to What THEY Say

  1. Your words are always inspiring and encouraging. I look forward to your blog posts.

    God’s speed and many blessings be yours.


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